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Twitter Concept Mapping with Wordstat and Gephi: First Steps

Snurb, 28 July 2010
Continuing my series of posts on methods for doing quantitative research using Twitter data, this will be a fairly tentative post. I’m currently looking into ways to examine the terms and concepts used by tweeters as [...]

Tweeting the Debate: Some Content Patterns

Snurb, 26 July 2010
Following on from our look at Twitter activity during the Australian leaders’ debate and Masterchef broadcasts, here’s an overview of the patterns we can see in the content of the tweets themselves. For this, I’ve grabbed [...]

Politics vs. Masterchef: The View from Twitter

Snurb, 26 July 2010
Sunday night’s leaders’ debate is unlikely to be remembered for the policy positions it revealed – indeed, perhaps the most memorable aspect of the night was how federal politics was nearly upstaged by the finale of [...]