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ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index, March 2017

ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index, March 2017

Snurb, 5 April 2017
For anyone based in Australia – and especially for those of us here in Queensland – the major domestic news story of March 2017 is no doubt the impact of Tropical Cyclone Debbie on the coastal [...]

More Media Coverage: CeDEM and bin Laden

Snurb, 20 May 2011
Part of our job in the Mapping Online Publics project is also to raise the public profile for what scholarly research into the uses of Twitter and other social media can achieve, of course – so [...]

e-Democracy: Learning from #qldfloods and #wikileaks

Snurb, 7 May 2011
Readers of this blog might be interested to hear that I presented a keynote drawing on our Twitter research at the Conference on e-Democracy (CeDEM) in Krems, Austria, yesterday: highlighting what we might be able to [...]

Twitter Events in Perspective (updated)

Snurb, 10 February 2011
Regular readers of this blog will know that we’ve now examined Twitter activity around a number of recent events in some detail – from the Labor leadership spill in Australian politics in June 2010 through to [...]