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Now Live: The Australian Twitter News Index as a Dashboard

For the past few years I have published regular monthly updates of the Australian Twitter News Index (ATNIX) at The Conversation and here on this site. As that partnership has now come to an end and the writing of regular updates had become somewhat onerous, we’ve now developed a new approach to sharing the trends in how content from Australian news sites is being shared on Twitter.

From now on, ATNIX is published through a live, interactive dashboard which shows day-to-day trends and lists the most shared URLs for any given timeframe (click ‘full screen’ to enlarge):

I’ll continue to publish ATNIX updates on major trends and developments from time to time, but this dashboard provides a much faster way to make these live trends available. (As a next step in the process, I also hope to automate the @_ATNIX_ Twitter account so that it highlights major news articles as they are trending.)

ATNIX is now supported by the QUT Digital Observatory – a collaboration between the QUT Institute for Future Environments and the QUT Digital Media Research Centre. If you’re interested in further research that builds on this dataset, please get in touch!

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