Analysis Twitter Visualisation — Jean Burgess, 16 June 2016
Extension exercises: analysing #climatechange using Tableau and Gephi

The QUT Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC) has been running various digital methods training workshops internally as well as externally through the CCI Digital Methods Summer School and the Association of Internet Researchers Conference last year in Phoenix and coming up again this year in Berlin as part of #AoIR2016.

As an extension to these workshops and the free Social Media Analytics course we are running on the FutureLearn platform (starting on 18 July), we are sharing some exercises that will allow you to examine different parts of a network graph generated from Twitter data. We assume people following these exercises are already familiar with both Tableau and Gephi and have completed one or more of our workshops, or have enrolled in and completed our FutureLearn course.

We are assuming that you are working with a dataset that you have created in earlier steps of the course or workshop, and that you have already undertaken preliminary analysis on your data. The following exercises are a step-by-step guide to techniques that can be used to explore Twitter networks in more depth, as well as to better understand social network analysis concepts such as betweenness, eccentricity and centrality.

You can download or view the exercises in PDF here:





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Jean Burgess is a Professor of Digital Media and Director of the Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC) at Queensland University of Technology. She is @jeanburgess on Twitter.

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