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The German online magazine Politik-Digital, which covers issues relating to politics and the Internet, has just published a lengthy interview with me about the role of Twitter and other social media platforms during recent disasters, and about what German authorities may learn from recent experiences elsewhere – from the Queensland floods to the Christchurch earthquake and through to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the continuing nuclear crisis. The interview is in German, so I’m afraid our English-language readers may only be able to try Google Translate to get the gist of it.

For those of you who’ve found our blog through the link in the interview (and for any other newcomers), I thought it might be worth compiling a few links to our most relevant blog posts on these topics. More information on our research methodology is available especially in earlier posts on the blog, too, and we’ve usually included links to them in more recent blog posts.

Queensland floods (#qldfloods):

Christchurch Earthquake (#eqnz):


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Dr Axel Bruns leads the QUT Social Media Research Group. He is an ARC Future Fellow and Professor in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Bruns is the author of Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage (2008) and Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production (2005), and a co-editor of Twitter and Society, A Companion to New Media Dynamics and Uses of Blogs (2006). He is a Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. His research Website is at, and he tweets as @snurb_dot_info.

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